Why are toys important for kids

Why are toys important for kids

It’s nearly impossible to keep your kids away from the screen unless they get an alternative activity to have fun. Kids are quick learners but lose interest quickly. How will you engage them in an activity that helps them to learn but in a fun way? There are many educational toys available that will do this job.

Toys for babies

Babies are very little familiar with things so there are very few toys that you can give them. However, toys are very useful in expanding their senses such as object recognition and the movement of hands and vision. Rattle toys can be the best option for babies as they love things having sound.

Toys for toddlers

Toddlers are more familiar with objects and sound so there are more toys options for them. They are curious about the world around them and want to learn about everything. You can make their playtime fun by giving them educational toys. We recommend building blocks and object recognition toys which improve their motor skills.

Toys for preschoolers

Preschoolers have developed a sense of imagination and creativity to some extent. They understand things well and are familiar with most of the objects. The best toys for them are those which teach them stuff that will help them in school such as puzzles, flashcards and crafting toys.

The best learning toys for kids

We have selected some of the best toys that will help your child in learning new skills as well as having a fun play session:


Flashcards are one of the oldest learning toys that are loved by both parents and kids. They have many thick square-shaped cards imprinted with bright coloured pictures. The kid will recognize the object by looking at the picture. Some flashcards also have prompt questions that encourage counting.


Links is another object recognition game for age groups. The game consists of a big puzzle with hundreds of pictures printed. The same pictures are printed on the coin-shaped little cards. You have to find the object quickly onboard and place the coin on it. This game enhances memorization and object matching ability

Building blocks

A set of building blocks is the perfect toy for your little one. They improve the problem solving and motor skills of the toddlers and are also safe to play with. While purchasing blocks, look for durable ones and bright colours.


Puzzles are of different types specially designed for children of different ages. There are some puzzles for toddlers that promote alphabet learning. They have to fit the wooden alphabets into the carved wooden board. They may take time to learn but with continuous practice, they will learn the alphabet quickly.

Multi-craft weaving loom

A multi-craft weaving loom enhances the motor skills, hand-eye coordination and creativity of your kid. This is a calming activity which may result in the weaving of something useful in the end.

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