What type of traveller are you?

What type of traveller are you?

Everyone has a different personality and they are unique in the ways they look at the universe. However, one thing that is loved by most people is travelling. Depending upon the travelling habits, we have categorized travellers into different categories. Let’s see which one are you.

The group traveller

The group traveller travels with a bunch of companions. This group has people with full of life and who enjoy sharing their fun moments with other people.

People in such groups tend to make most of their trips as they enjoy the diverse experiences with their fellows. There will always be someone in the squad to push others into doing different things which enhances the trip experience.

The conformist traveller

Here comes the traveller who is not mostly into travelling but travels to be accepted by the society. A conformist will look for famous places while travelling.

The thrill traveller

The thrill-seeker will travel around the world in unusual ways. You won’t find them on historical places or beaches. They will take the most daring path and will escape the ticket counter. The thrill-seekers do the things which no one has dared to do before.

The escapist traveller

Heartbreak, sadness, depression and loneliness, are the travelling reasons for an escapist traveller. They are not usually fond of travelling. They only travel when they are trying to forget something or move on from a phase in their life. They will stay in the new place until they are over with a certain memory.

The holiday traveller

Here comes the type of traveller who will plan their trips for every holiday. You can also call them long vacation travellers who plan their trips a month before. They search for the places where they can go on their next summer vacations.

They will either hire a travel guide or will search through the internet for all the hotels, routes and tourism spots. A holiday traveller usually has one or two trips in a year. They will always look for a spot where they can take a break from their work and explore a different place.

The business traveller

The business traveller is one who travels for work. They do not always have personal travel plans but have to travel for meetings and business purposes. They spend most of their trip checking emails and making important calls and are always tired to enjoy the place where they are.

The solo traveller

A solo traveller is someone who enjoys his company more than anyone else and therefore prefers to go on trips all alone. They will back their luggage, book hotels, roam through the cities and wander solely. They may sometimes go with other people but they enjoy it most when they are alone.

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