The art of mastering timeless fashion

The art of mastering timeless fashion

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the dress you are wearing now looks as good after 20 years from now? This is the power of timeless fashion. Some women manage to look good even without trying to do so. They don’t have any secret skills instead they follow certain rules to stay up to date with fashion.

How to adapt timeless fashion?

Adopting a timeless fashion sense is no big deal. You can stay effortlessly fashionable by adding some classic pieces to your wardrobe. You should always focus on signature outfits instead of fast fashion. You may be surprised but having neutral colours with minimal accessories is what you need to adapt to this fashion.

Some rules to follow

Here are a set of rules that the fashion divas follow religiously for timeless fashion:

Invest in basics

Owning some basic silhouettes will go a long way. Women who follow timeless fashion know that investing in some signature pieces will help them stay in style for years to come.

We recommend having wide-leg jeans, fitted dresses, skirts, button-up white shirts, turtleneck tops, sunglasses, sweaters, coats, blazers and scarfs in your wardrobe to remain fashion-forward.

Don’t go crazy for fast fashion

While fast fashion trends will gain a lot of spotlight for a few months, they will eventually go away. Therefore, we suggest focusing on classic pieces that you can wear for years to come.

If you still want to follow those trends then make sure to buy a minimum of such pieces as they will become outdated soon and you will have to upgrade your wardrobe.

Buy clothes according to your body shape

Wearing outfits that suit your body type is the key to adapting to timeless fashion. Every woman has a different body structure and not all dresses suit all body types. Always go for dresses in which you feel comfortable and look good. This will save a lot of your time and money.

Stick to a personal dress code

Make your own dress code to look classy yet unique from the rest of the women. The key to having a personal dress code is to understand what type of dresses are you comfortable in and what compliments your personality.

Lesser the accessories, the better

Adding too many accessories will spoil your overall look. Women with timeless fashion sense know that wearing too many accessories will overdo their personality and dress. Wear a minimal number of accessories for a classy look.

Invest in classic outerwear

Our last piece of advice for a timeless look is to invest in classic outerwear. This includes wool coats, blazers and jackets. Wearing a classic outerwear silhouette adds details to your overall appearance.

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