Makeup essentials for daily makeup look

Makeup essentials for daily makeup look

Picking out the right makeup products is difficult, especially when you are just starting off. Most women get confused while choosing the right makeup products because of tons of different recommendations out there. We have compiled below a list of all the makeup essentials every woman should own:


Primer is the most important product when it comes to makeup essentials. You may not realize its importance but it can do wonders to your skin. A face primer helps in the smooth application of the makeup and keeps it in place all day.


A concealer is a must-have makeup essential whether you are trying to cover up your acne, blemishes or dark circles. It comes in different variations depending upon your skin problem.

If you are using concealer to cover up blemishes or acne then use a shade closer to your skin tone. However, for dark circles use a pink or peach-toned concealer.

BB cream/ CC cream

For someone who is new to makeup, BB /CC cream is a great choice over foundation. BB/CC cream gives light coverage to your skin. They also have a skincare benefit that’s why we included them in our makeup essentials list.

They give a natural finish to your daily makeup. You can use a BB or CC cream according to your skin type. However, choosing a suitable shade is difficult as they come in limited shades.


The next product on our makeup essentials list is blush. Adding a good blush is a game-changer for your daily makeup routine. It gives a naturally fresh look to your face.

Choosing a blush shade according to your complexion is very important. Generally pink and peach shades work best for medium to fair toned skins while maroon and purple go well with dark toned skins. Additionally, you can any of the gel, cream or powder formulas.


No makeup look is complete without lipstick and that’s why we included it in our makeup essentials. Whether you want to create a glamorous look or a fresh look there is lipstick for every look.

You can try lipstick with glossy, matte or satin finish whatever goes well with your look and personality. Choosing the right colour is a critical task so as a beginner it is recommended to choose the most natural shade.


Investing in a good mascara is never a bad idea. It holds your lash curls for a long time while giving them volume. It gives your eyes a natural lift without any extra effort.

You can find different colours in mascaras. The black colour usually goes fine for most women but if you have brown coloured lashes then choose one in the brown shade for a more natural look.

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