Everything you need to know about personal care products

Everything you need to know about personal care products

There is a growing trend in the use of personal care products. More and more people are getting aware of the importance of these products in maintaining hygiene. They also enhance your beauty which makes you feel good about yourself.

Most popular personal care products

Most of us are already familiar with the commonly-used products such as toiletries, toothpastes; deodorants and body wash etc for personal care. However, we have compiled a list of the most popular personal care products:

Electric shaving trimmer

Shaving with a razor can be painful as it causes cuts and skin problems including rashes and acne. However, electric shaver has made life easy.

Some shavers are cordless and operate on batteries making them easy to carry. Additionally, they have different blade settings for a perfect sculpt. Using an electric trimmer gives you a pleasant and hygienic shaving experience without any skin irritation

Beard and hair oil for men

This is one of the most magical products on our list of personal care products. Beard and hair oil not only moisturize and nourishes the beard hair but also condition the scalp hair. Another benefit of using this personal acre product is that it moisturizes the skin beneath the beard which prevents itching and rashes.

Blackhead vacuum

You often get unpleasant blackheads on your face as a result of pore blockage. Removing them manually is a painful experience and it also leaves scars. To prevent this, the blackhead vacuum has come to the rescue.

It gently sucks all the oils and dirt in the pores of your skin making it look cleaner and beautiful. There are two types of blackhead vacuums available in the market depending on their level of expertise. You can purchase one and try cleaning your pores yourself

Manicure and pedicure kit

You need to cut and clean your nails to maintain personal hygiene. Going to the salon every time is not a suitable option. However, having a manicure and pedicure kit with you can solve this problem.

They come in compact portable cases and have everything that you need including tweezers, scissors and nail clippers etc.

Online stores selling personal care products

Here is a list of the top e-commerce websites where you can find personal care products:


Noon is an online retailing store selling different products by different vendors. You can find there a range of personal care products along with other products. However, since the store provides services from different vendors it is very difficult to find an authentic product.


Xcite is one of the biggest e-commerce stores in Asia having branches in different countries. They have a wide variety of personal care products including trimmers, cleansers and toiletries.


Superconvex is a newly launched e-commerce website. At Superconvex you can find popular personal care products ranging from electric trimmers and blackhead removers to toiletries and nose cleaners. The best thing is that they have an excellent customer support service and they provide authentic products at good prices.

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