Capsule accessories to compliment your wardrobe

Capsule accessories to compliment your wardrobe

Do you want to have a clutter-free wardrobe without getting bored of wearing the same outfits? Well, we got you. You can keep your wardrobe simple and clean without the feeling of wearing dresses on repeat with capsule wardrobe accessories. This guide will help you to make your simple wardrobe chic and fresh:

Capsule accessories

Here are some of the essential capsule accessories that you must own to compliment your wardrobe:

Ear studs

Having pairs of classic ear studs in some basic colours is great for complimenting your everyday outfits.

Statement earrings

A pair of classic statement earrings is a must-add to your capsule accessories. We recommend classic instead of trendy as they are timeless and will never go out of fashion.

Classic necklace

A classic neckpiece will go with each and every outfit and it will also have some colour to your simple outfit. An 18” necklace is considered a standard size.

Statement necklace

Own a statement necklace that will go well with your party wear or formal looks. Buy one in a neutral colour that goes well with every outfit.


A good-quality traditional and classic watch is something you should have in your capsule accessories wardrobe. They will go well with all of your looks. Always purchase a watch that has a simple dial as this style always stays in the trend.


There are three types of bags; cross body, tote and clutch each one designed for different occasions. However, your choice of bags is highly dependent on your lifestyle. You can keep one of each type to compliment all your looks.


A scarf can add more fun and colour to a simple outfit. There are a lot of ways in which you can tie up a scarf to complement your different looks. Having 2-3 scarfs of colours that go with every outfit is enough.

How to wear one outfit for different occasions

It is possible to wear one simple black outfit on different occasions just by adding some pieces from your capsule accessories. Here is how you can pull different looks with the same outfit:

Casual look: You can pair the dress just how it is without adding any extra accessories. You can wear sneakers along with a bag in contrast and you are good to go.

Chic look: Add a necklace and maybe a bracelet to your outfit. Wear a pair of flats or pumps and you are ready for a fun day.

Formal look: You can transform your plain black outfit into a formal party dress just by adding some accessories. Put on some makeup and wear a statement necklace along with earrings and a pair of formal heels. Hold a purse and get ready to grab the spotlight at the party.

Shop your accessories at Superconvex

At Superconvex, you can find a variety of trendy and classy capsule accessories. You can check out our website and buy some pieces that will compliment all your looks for different occasions.

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