Affordable brands that have luxury products

Affordable brands that have luxury products

A person’s wardrobe tells a lot about his personality and how he presents it to the world. Wearing fashionable clothes is nearly impossible if you are a person with expensive taste and a low budget.

 You have to hustle a lot while searching for brands that offer trendy clothes without digging holes in your pockets. To help you with this, we have listed below some of the affordable brands that sell trendy clothes at affordable prices:

Charles & Keith

Charles & Keith is a fashion brand that was launched with a mission of empowering women. It has a drool-worthy collection of handbags, footwear, accessories and outfits. They break the fashion barriers by introducing new fashion trends through their collection.

It is one of the affordable brands where you can purchase fashionable clothes of your choice without any hefty-looking price tags. Charles & Keith have a lot of accessories that will compliment most of your looks.


Mango should be your go-to brand when looking for affordable brands with trendy accessories. The fashion sense of Mango is inspired by Mediterranean culture adding a hint of modern fashion. They have a range of collections for men, women and kids.

Their women’s collection has a feminine touch with trending designs for today’s women. Mango men range from descent formal outfits with fine tailoring to informal outfits. You will find a kids’ collection that is full of funky colours with fresh designs.

Now they have also launched their line of home essentials where you can find decent and sustainable essentials for your home. The best thing about Mango is that they offer chic style inspirations through their website.

Pull and Bear

Pull and Bear is another brand having chic and stylish clothing at a low price. It is a Spanish brand selling urban clothing based on US pop culture.

You will find many trendy pieces at Pull and bear that will make you look fashionable without going heavy on your pockets. Like other brands, they also have launched different product lines to give more options to their customers.


Zara is another Spanish fashion retailer having outlets in many parts of the world. They are one of the biggest retailing groups selling fad fashion items. Zara has different variety of products ranging from clothes, shoes, bags and perfumes. They release many new collections every year and all at reasonable prices.


Gap is an old clothing brand offering apparel that is always up to date with fashion. They only have a clothing line including sweatshirts, tee-shirts and chinos. Don’t miss to check out their collection to look fashionable on a budget.

Pixie market          

Pixie is a very popular brand for clothing and jewellery. They offer you chic and trendy fashion pieces for a fraction of the money. While they may have some costly products but they still manage to offer something to everyone.

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