A guide for new mommies to care for your baby

A guide for new mommies to care for your baby

Raising a baby is not an easy job especially when it’s your first time. You will get different advice from everywhere and still be confused. This article is a handy baby care guide for new mommies.

Baby care essentials

Here is a list of baby care essentials that you need:


Babies grow quickly. The clothing sizes are organized by a gap of months. You should always purchase some sizes larger than the age of your child as some babies go straight to the larger sizes. Also, make sure that you purchase outfits that are comfortable for your baby and don’t cause skin rashes.


Diapers: Regardless of the type of diaper you use, your baby will need 5-10 diaper changing sessions in a day. Make sure that you have enough diaper stock to use when your baby needs it.

Rash cream: Having a rash cream will make baby care easy. This not only soothes the sensitive skin of your baby after a diaper rash but also prevents it from any future rashes.

Baby wipes: Baby wipes are fabric made wet tissues made for one-time use. Purchase wipes that are unscented as they won’t cause any reactions to your baby’s skin.

Bathing and skincare

Bathtub: A bathtub will make the bath time easy and fun for the baby. You can buy one whose size can be adjusted.

Shampoo and soap: Shampoo and soap are baby care essentials that you need to keep your baby clean. Always use a non-teary solution that is gentle on your baby’s skin and eyes.

Baby towels: Wrap up your infant in a soft hooded towel after giving him a bath. Baby towels are made up of extremely soft material that is gentle on the delicate skin of your baby

Lotion: You can use a good quality lotion to moisturize the skin of your baby, leaving it soft and supple.

Some gadgets to ease parenting


Baby skin is very sensitive to the environment and can easily get irritated in a dry atmosphere. A humidifier keeps the air humid which makes breathing easy for your baby.

Baby monitor

A baby monitor monitors your baby when you are not around. You can see through a camera whether your baby is doing well or not.


A tech-bouncer is a must-have in your baby care essentials. It has different speeds and bounces your infant in unique motions. This will make the baby sleep easily without the need for you to have around.

Parenting tips

You can’t be perfect but you can be a good parent

Every parent is a role model for his kid. They follow your actions more than what you say. You can become an ideal parent for your kid by setting good examples for them to follow.

Learn to say no

You don’t always have to agree with your kid to show affection. You should say no when something is not good for them. The earlier you learn to do this, the lesser will you need it.

Don’t stop them from questioning

Your child stops questioning when you stop answering them. They are curious about everything around them. Answering their questions will not only address their curiosity but will also build a strong bonding with your child.

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